Library in the Valley / Design Center of Haoyuan Group

In the suburbs of Guangzhou, there is a health, resort, and art community, covering an area of 15,000 acres, called Tian Ren Shan Shui Land Art Community. An important building is necessary for the elderly can feel the core spirit of the community: regaining the value of life. The building should be steady enough to become […]

Singapore Residence / Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

The traditional Chinese courtyard house or siheyuan is a typology well-known for its illustration of Confucian ideals, accommodating extended family units wherein many generations live under one roof. To live under the same roof means to live together, and this metaphor is the nexus that ties the notion of community, especially in an intimate context, to the […]

The Role of Shadows in Vernacular Architecture

Whenever light falls on a surface there will be a shadow, no matter how insignificant its focus is. The outline will hardly be visible, but other shapes will come to the fore in this play of light and dark. In the case of being projected by solar dance, a latent dynamic is added to the […]

How Will We Illuminate Our Interiors in the Future?

As trivial as the act of flipping a switch and lighting up a room may seem, we’ve had to come a long way to have safe and reliable light sources. It is estimated that the first lamps were invented 70,000 years ago, consisting of hollowed out stones or shells filled with an absorbent material soaked […]